Wednesday, 3 February 2021

It's been a long time...


It's been a few years since I came on here and did literally anything! We all know 20202 wasn't the best, and now we have come into 2021 with a new outlook and new hope for this year and what it will bring. So, I thought I would hope back onto my blog and try again.

The past year was one hell of a shit show, however, there was some big things that happened in my life. I got a new flat, a new boyfriend and a new outlook for my life. I learnt a lot about myself, got back into old hobbies and even learnt so much more about my own talents in drawing!
Let's have a look at just some of the many things over the past year in my life...

First off, let's talk about James! We have known each other since we were teenagers but we were just people we knew of, turns out, James had a crush on me when we were just young and stupid teenagers, but I wouldn't come to find this out until more than 10 years later. As we got older and were in our 20's we did talk a bit, we even found an old conversation of ours that was pretty cute. So, moving on to 2020, I had a bad start to the year and wasn't in the best of places. Then randomly one day I decided to jump onto the Tinder bandwagon again. I only had it downloaded a day, then I stumbled across this familiar face and to be honest I couldn't believe my eyes, it was James! We started talking and both admitted we always had an eye for each other and we soon realised we had so much in common with each other. He also likes to be creative and has some amazing work over on his instagram @wilko1212.
We have now been together for just over a year and we are stupidly happy with each other and are both looking forward to going on plenty of adventures together.

Lockdown came and I was the cliché of constantly changing my hair colour! I have dyed my hair many colours of the rainbow for many years now due to being allergic to normal permanent hair dyes, but this escalated even more in the first few months of the first lockdown. I was staying with James and I had a lot of my hair dye with me at his, so what better way to cure some lockdown boredom than popping your gloves on and getting out the crazy colours dye. I have now retired from the fun hair colours and gone back to on emo days with black hair, but now with the modern mullet hairstyle as you can see from the first imagine on this post.

Another important step I took last year was moving home again. We don't need to go into the nitty gritty details as to why this had to come about but it wasn't easy at first. I had a lot of support with finding my new home from family and friends and I can now say I am happy and I am settled for the first time in many years. This is my own all to myself and I cannot express how comforting that is to me. It's only small but it's my home and I am happy.

The best thing I purchased in 2020 by far was my Ipad and Apple pencil. Like I mentioned before, James is also an artist, so when I went over he would let me play on his Ipad and draw and I loved it so much that when I went home, all I wanted to do was draw again! So, I made the decision that I need one for myself, get those creative juices flowing again. I spent so much time playing around with different styles and ideas, turns out the things I enjoyed drawing the most and found the most rewarding was portraits. Many YouTube tutorials were watched, many hours spent scrolling on pintrest and instagram for inspiration and  a whole lot of practice I feel very happy and proud of where my work has come in just a few months. I am always learning and tweaking my style. Check out my instagram page that is just dedicated to my artwork, you can even grab yourself a print or get your own portait. 
instagram @artbyhollierose.

I am still loving doing nails, sadly only on myself currently because of the current pandemic. However, I aspire to be back in a salon again one day. This will also big a massive passion in my life and I will always want to create beautiful and fun nail art on people. I will be posting the odd nail art post on here just like I used to, so, if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see then please feel free to comment here or on my instagram.

There will be more posts coming soon with updates, my art work, nails, beauty products, makeup and just everyday lifestyle.
It feels good to be back guys!



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