Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Green Negative Space

I have been really wanting to test my skills lately and push my creativeness with some new techniques. Here is some negative space in a geometric style.

Not only are these shapes quite different but this is also a custom colour that I have made myself. I used all Orly Gel Fx products.
This client is actually my work colleague Taneh, my fellow nail tech and side kick. Taneh has acrylics on already, not by me.


This colour took three coats to build up the perfect pigment. This whole design took around about an hour and a half or so, due to having to go back and clean up all of the lines to make them extra straight and sharp.

I was extremely happy with the outcome of this set and would love to try even more new things in the future! Also, Glitter fade is extremely popular right now and I am loving it too!

Message me on social media for more details if you would like to have your nails done by me, or just for advice on any nail art designs.


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