Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lush Leicester Easter Event

Just the other week I was invited to another Lush event at my local store in Leicester to preview all their latest spring goodies.
Since moving into a town I don't get to splurdge on Lush products as much as I used to do. So, I was extremely excited to attend this event with my best friend Hollie as my plus one. (She deserved some Lush goodness herself).
Straight away there was a vibrant and friendly welcoming as always from the Lush staff. Let's not forget that familiar signature Lush fragrance that always hits you when you go by their stores. 
We were given lanyards with our instagram names on, which I thought was such a great little extra as I really helped me interact with other bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers, as well as the staff themselves.

The variety in Lush always pleases me so much as they really do have something for everybody. Personally now I am way more into their skincare rather than their bath bombs, but I will never say no to an experimenter and a golden egg. We got to see demos of all the new bath bombs which were very exciting to see all the different colour combos. 

The Lush staff always make your evening fun and creative, so we got to make our own creamy candy bubble bar, cupcake face mask and a butter ball bath bomb. I was extremely grateful for these goodies alongside the bag of samples at the end too. 
Thank you again, Lush Leicester for inviting us all along for this great evening and making it all so fun for everybody!


  1. Looks like you had a fab time! I'd love to go to a Lush event but they never seem to happen near me!

    1. it was such a great evening, i got some great treats too hehe. thats such a shame that they isn't any near you! xx

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