Friday, 20 January 2017

Makeup Obsession Pallet

Boots have recently launched The Emporium where you can customise gifts, have your gifts wrapped and even making your own pallet. Here is the one I recently got and currently building up.
For a while now I have wanted a create your own pallet and really considered buying a Z Pallet and buying small eye shadow pans to fill it up. When I heard boots were now doing something similar I could not wait to try it out for myself.

My pallet so far contains quite a lot of shimmers as I get very excited over the pigmentation of them all! I realised I didn't have many in these shades within other pallets I own. I know they will all go to good use and give any makeup look a little sparkle. The white shimmer is actually a highlighter from the range, this makes me glow like the moon. I also have a great transitional colour which has been working great with a variety of other colours. Black was a must as it was so pigmented, also black is great for mixing with any other shade to give dimension to any look. The orangey red colour is just faboulous for the more grunge looks I tend to go for.
All eye shadows are just £2 so you really cannot go wrong, I just cannot believe how much you get for your money and the quality is on point. A very soft and almost creamy texture is great to work with and also feels so great on the eyes. Very easy to blend and I feel like all the colour in the range so far all go extremely well together.
Not only is there eye shadows and highlighters, there is also blush, contour and strobe creams. Recently I seen there is now also lipstick added to the range with even more eye shadow shades, so I am sure there is even more great things to come for Makeup Obsession.
Another thing that I discovered is that this whole new range is actaully made by Tam Beauty, they are the ones that also created Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup and Makeup Freedom. So, if you love those brands then you are definitely going to love this too.

For this look I used four of the shadows, as you can see they all work really well together. I did not use any primers so I could show you their true beauty. Personally I love this whole collection and I cannot wait to fill my pallet up with even more gorgeous colours. 
In future posts I will use these shadows even more to create a variety of different looks, I also share a lot of pictures of me wearing these shadows over on my Instagram, so be sure to give me a follow on there to see more.

Shade Names :
Moon (Highlighter)
Midnight Black*

*what colour were used on my eyes

Buy yours here or at your local Boots store



  1. I absolutely adore the colours you have chosen for your palette and even more so the looks you've created ^_^ Need to get my hands on one <3 Iamfoxxtailz | Alternative Style Diary

    1. I love the colours!! They are everything i need to make so many different looks! It is so cheap aswell even if you just wanted one shade. xx

  2. This pallet is absolutely gorgeous. The shades are so warm and pretty. xo

    Antonia Sweet Passions

    1. I love warmer shades all year round so I will get plenty of use out of it xx

  3. Blending skillssssssss! Teach me your ways!

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