Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why I haven't blogged

It really has been a little while since my last blog post. I haven't quit, I just needed some time to step back and reflect.
Let me explain my little absence to you. Firstly, I got myself a new job! I have already been there almost two months. This has been quite a shock to the system and I really needed some time to get used to getting back into work, it has also been challenging with my mental health. However it has been really good for me, I have learnt new skills of coping with anxiety and I really feel like I have achieved so much for myself already. 

There are some other reasons I haven't blogged too, I won't go too deep into it but I felt like I have lost touch with other bloggers. I didn't like the competition going on between others and the support slowly drifted away. It also seems like many forget about you once you stop blogging even just for a month and that saddens me.
I was simply loosing my passion and reason for having my blog and I just wanted people to help pull me back without having to ask for the help. 

I have got some ideas for new upcoming posts, but I guess I have just been lazy in the end too. When I do have my days off, I just rest or try get out of the flat. I have also attended an event which I have yet to edit and write up, but I assure you it is coming very soon. 

All in all, I am going to try get back into my blogging ways and try be more acvite on my social media to try find my friends again and reconnect with other bloggers.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I would love some feedback on what you would like to see over here on my blog. 


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  1. I miss your face! And your blog posts! Let's go for coffee or tea or something next week? P.S. hope the new job is going well <3


    Izzy |


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