Friday, 19 August 2016

Nyx Lip Lingerie Review

Nyx is now becoming a brand that every makeup lover now has in their collection. I am one of those people and I love every single item I have ever brought from them. Here is my collection so far of some of their Lip Lingerie Collection.
For me this is a product that is perfect for me in so many ways. I love matte lips, neutral colours and a smooth feeling and this ticks all those boxes for me.
Brown lipsticks are really a big hit right now with everybody, and I am so into this trend as I love the more grunge look, however you can wear brown lips with any look you are going for. Personally I wear brown lipstick in all styles I go for. I reach for these three every single day now as they all give a different effect to my every day look.

The colours shown from left to right are; Honeymoon, Embellishment and Beauty Mark. Although they are quite clearly in the brown tones they are all so different from one another. Honeymoon is more subtle and easy for everybody to wear where as Beauty Mark is a lot darker and for one people way more of a statement lip. My personal favorite is Embellishment as it has a more lilac greyish tone to it and is the one I reach for the most. 

They are extremely pigmented and long lastly for the price. However I do have to top up after meals and sometimes layering it up isn't as comfortable as the first layer, as the first layer feels like you aren't even wearing anything on your lips. After two layers you can feel you have more than one layer on, but because the colour pay off it so impressive you one really need one layer on our first application.

Overall these are my new favorite lipsticks and I would recommend them to everybody as there is a shade to suit every skin tone and style. As for the price you really cannot go wrong, at just £6.50 there is no breaking the bank to get your hands on the perfect one for you. 
Not all Nyx stands hold this collection but you can order online to your local store, so far I have ordered one and managed to pick up the other two in store at Fosse Park Leicester and Nottingham City Center.

Have you got your hands on one of these yet? If so what colour did you grab? If you haven't then what are you waiting for?


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