Saturday, 9 July 2016

My Go To Outfit

Everybody has a "go to" outfit, and this is mine. All black clothes is what I always go for, here is my favourite combo. 
I don't have many fancy clothes but I do however have lots of black comfy outfits to wear. I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, although I do like to try and experiment but I always end up back to this one outfit.
This t-shirt has been worn to death! I found it at a small vintage fair many moons ago, I fell in love with it straight away. Then I saw it was only £5 and I just had to have it. As you can see the print is quite worn now, but I think it adds more character to it. I am afraid I cannot link this top for you to grab yourself one, but I am sure if you keep your eyes peeled you may find one similar maybe in a charity shop, ebay or even etsy.
The small choker I am wearing was a birthday gift from my best friend, I treasure it a lot and I think it goes really well with this kind of top. It was from H&M so it is very affordable and you can find many others similar to this.
Skinny jeans maybe the only jeans for me. I cannot seem to change into any other type of trousers, I especially love high waisted ones as I can then tuck in my tops for another look that I love to go for. As always I have to roll them up as I am too short for any bargain jeans, these ones are from Primark.
As for the shoes, these are the newest addition to my shoe collection. I had been after this style for a while and I managed to find them in the sale for just £12 at a shop in Leicester called Step In Style. However the actual brand is Truffle, I have quite a few pairs from this brand, they are always bang on trend for bargain prices!

What is your go to outfit? Or maybe just one item you cannot live without?

Necklace H&M - Something Similar
Top Vintage - Nothing similar found
Jeans Primark - No online store
Shoes Truffle - Low in stock



  1. beautiful as ever Hol, And fab post <3

  2. Im not sure I actually have a go to outfit you know ... I just wear dresses and lots of them haha! I dont own a pair of jeans ... I think we should do an experiement and wear each others wardrobes haha

    Charlotte |

    1. HAHAHA that sounds like it would be fun!! xx

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