Monday, 27 June 2016

OPI Shatter Polish - Review

 If you haven't yet seen or tried a nail crackle polish then where have you been? It is an easy and edgy nail art look that is a must have product in your kit.
The ones I am showing you today are from the brand OPI, these are known for being one of the best nail brands around the world.
I managed to get my hands on three of the Shatter polishes in three colours; Super Base Shatter, Black Shatter and Shatter The Scales. They are all great colours and each one gives a different look to your nails. You will of course need a base coat of whatever colour you choose for it to work, it is fun to play around with the colours because they look completely different mixing and matching up the colours to create a look suited to you.

Here are what all three look like on my nails using Topshop Eclipse for my base colour. The combination of this is really effective and gives each nail a different feel. The end results you get can also vary depending on how thick of a coat you apply, you can also see this in my picture. My index and middle finger were applied with a thicker coat and the rest thinner, as you can see you get a chunkier effect applying it ticker. So this product is very versatile and can achieve a real grunge look. It is also very interesting watching it break up when drying and your results will always be different.

I was lucky enough to find each one of these at my local poundshops, it was in both Poundland and Pound World. If you are quick you may be able to find some for yourself. Of course these would be flying off the sheleves as their RRP is around £12.50. After trying to find these online, they seem to of sold out everywhere!
I do however have a few negatives. I feel like more affordable brands like Barry M do the exact same thing with the same results. You don't need to splurge for nail crackle as it is just an effect and doesn't have the same lasting power as other OPI products. Also it seems to take a very long time to dry, maybe it is with all of these sorts of products and you just need to be patient and careful, but if not then maybe it isn't the best one for you
Overall I do love this product but I am glad I got it at a bargain price as it isn't my favorite product to reach for. Saying that though, for a beginner or somebody that isn't good at other nail art then this is a great one for you.



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