Monday, 18 April 2016

Tylah's Birthday Nails

Turning 21 is a pretty big milestone and is a must to have everything pretty for the big day. As part of her birthday present I gave Tylah's nails a bit of a make over.

I was a little out of practice doing other people nails, as I only really ever do my own nowadays, however I was pretty proud of what I created and Tylah was super happy with her talons. 
We went for a coffin shaped gel extensions set with a touch of dark sparkle. They are no where near perfect but they are pretty damn good considering what products we had to work with (ebay gel). In time I will get better again and Tylah agreed to be my guinepig to help me out. 

I am super excited to celebrate the big 21st with Tylah and many other friends at the end of this week. Also if you would like to see my nail creations appear in some other great pictures, go ahead and like Tylah's Facebook page here.



  1. This is such a cute way to celebrate your friend's birthday! I love the glitter :).


  2. Ooh these are fab Hollie! Love seeing your nail creations!


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