Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Black and Silver Tips

Today is just a really simple post. I felt the urge to do something nice with my nails as I am going for a meal with some friends tonight.
As it is just a simple one I don't have my pictures either. I actually haven't been very well the past few days with a head cold so I have just been resting and didn't want to make too much of a big thing with what I was doing today.

You don't even need much to create a look like this yourself, just two colours of your choice. Now you do need to be a little careful when making your lines are you will only be using the brush within the nail varnish. However you will need to clean up any colour that goes on your fingers, but that is pretty simple anyway.
I chose to also do a dot just for a little something else to break it up, but you don't have to. This looks good on any shape or size of your nails. Another one for everybody!

The silver I used is from Stargazer and it is such a great colour, I would to try more. For the black I just used a random one I got from a while ago, any black will do. Then for the dot I used one of my nail art pens from Ebay.


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