Friday, 4 March 2016

Chutney Ivy VIP Dinner

Recently I was invited to a VIP dinner at the Leicester based restaurant Chutney Ivy, and oh my what an evening it was!

We started the evening off with an introduction of what to expect of the evening and a little bit of history of the restaurant the owner Shaf Islam.  They waiting staff brought out some poppadoms to get us started, which of course I enjoyed very much and only made me even more excited for try out the food they had to offer.

For starters we got to try a variety of what they have on their menus to get us to try everything and even try something we wouldn't normally choose. This was a great idea as I discovered new interesting tastes I never would of found otherwise. My personal favorite was the "huge" prawn marinated in olive oil, garlic butter and chillies. Over at Chutney Ivy they really like to experiment with their dishes and they really do it well.

Moving onto the mains now, which also was just amazing. Again we got to try everything on the menu which was also really interesting for the taste buds. The curries varied from sea bass, salmon and even more obvious ones like lamb shank and chicken. That wasn't all though, we also had makhni daal, which was lentils in a creamy sauce and also pumpkin bhuna in a dry sauce. I had never tried pumpkin before so it was an eye opener for me, and I did actually like it. Let's not forget the sides that came along with the mains too, pilau basmati rice, traditional naan and paratha which all complimented well with all of the flavors going on. 

Of course they didn't let us leave before we had some dessert. However this one wasn't really to my taste, nothing bad about the dish. Everybody else seemed to love it and all plates were cleared. I am not a bad fan of this kind of sweet treat, I am way more naughty and love a slab of chocolate cake. I really did give it a go but I just couldn't force it down myself, let's face it, I had just had so much dinner! 

Lastly we did have some hot drinks, I chose to have a lovely hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, so I did get my chocolate fix in the end.
I would just like to thank all of the staff at Chutney Ivy for having us and feeding us so well. Also a thank you to the team over at FU media for helping organize such a wonderful evening. 

If you would like to try out some of this tasty food for yourself or even just take a look at their website for more information.



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