Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentine's Lipstick Collection

If you are looking for some lipstick inspiration for a valentine's day then I am here to show you some I like in my personal make-up collection so I love each one of these products. 
This is just five lip shades in different forms and finishes that I thought would be perfect for a date on such a love filled day.  They are also from a variety of budgets, so hopefully there is something for everyone here today.

From top to bottom:

MUR - What Will It Take To Make You Love Me | Matte

MUR - A Love Like That | Gloss

MAC - Russian Red | Matte

Too Faced - Bigger Berry | Plumping Tint

Max Factor - Marilyn Cabernet | Cream Shimmer

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I hope you found some inspiration to doll yourself up for Valentine's Day for if you have a date or even if you done. Look amazing whatever your plans are. I think I am going to be having a cosy day with my other half Josh this year, as he buys me flowers all year round along side other romantic gestures so we don't need one day to show it, we have 365 days.



  1. This is such a cute post Hollie! My favourite is the Makeup Revolution pink, it looks stunning on you :) xx

    1. As you know I like darker colours so I normally stay away from anything bright. However I do actually like this! So I may have to try wear this out and about now spring is on it's way. I also have a lighter one that I should try out a bit more too. xx

  2. I love the Makeup Revolution pink too! I am so glad you have shown them on your lips too, its a bug of mine to see it just on peoples arms or hands!

  3. I have put a filter on the pictures of my lips if you can tell? So i thought I had better do a clear swatch on my arm of them all just to show you whats glossy and what is matte, also to help get an image of the true colours. But i love a good filter on my pictures. Glad you like it :) x

  4. I like this post, very different to the usual tutorials/gift guides!



    1. Aww I am so glad you liked it. I do like to be different from the rest haha. xx


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