Thursday, 4 February 2016

Time to Talk Day

Do you or somebody you know suffer from a form of mental health? If so pop the kettle on and let's get talking about it. 
Fear not as there are people you can talk to about anything. No matter what form of mental heath it may be or what relationship you have with somebody who is suffering you can get help and even some advice for a loved one. Even if it is that you just have a loved one suffering you can get help for yourself too, nobody has to suffer in silence.

On the 4th of Febuary there is a nationwide chat going on throughout all areas of social media to help raise awareness, give help and stop the stigma surrounding mental health.
Check out Time to Change's webside here to see how you can get involved yourself.
I personally managed to get my hands on one of their free packs full of helpful things to get people talking about these issues. Inside you got a lot of tea bags to get the ball rolling, leaflets with some really helpful tips for if you are feeling down or how to help a loved one, some coasters to pop your cuppa on, some balloons to make it a bit fun and some postcards to send out to people you want to communicate with if you haven't seen them in a while due to yours or their troubles to really break the ice.

Personally I do suffer from mental health and I have mentioned it on my blog previously before and even made a tag for people to join in and help bring to peoples attention that anybody could be having some trouble coping with some sort of mental health. Go check it out here and maybe join in yourself?

If you do want to get involved in some way, even if it is just talk to to a friend or family memeber, telling somebody you care or wanting to seek some friendly advice, let the world know you are supporting them by using #timetotalk .
So pop the kettle on and let's get talking.


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