Monday, 22 February 2016

The Northern Cobbler

I haven't got round to making many fashion themed posts, however you might like to know that one of my greatest weaknesses is shoes. So I was extremely pleased to me invited to go and see some of the amazing shoes The Northern Cobbler have to offer.
Now this isn't any normal shoe company, their store is half coffee shop too! I would also like to mention what a great selection of cakes they have alongside some yummy hot drinks. Whilst I was there I had a chamomile tea, but I now wish I had tried one of their hot chocolates, maybe next time.
Let's talk about their shoes, they are all handcrafted to perfection in Portugal and England where some of the best cobblers are from. They are a Leicester based company so lovely and local. Not to mention how friendly and humble the owners of The Northern Cobbler are, it was a pleasure to meet them.
In previous posts I have mentioned how much I love a bargain, however these shoes are in my bargain hunter price range. But they are a great investment and 100% worth the money for their quality and the work that goes behind making these shoes. I would love to own a pair for myself one day as I really did fall in love with quite a few pairs on my visit.

Over at their store it's not just coffee, cakes and footware, they also sell some other bits too. They have a great range of socks but I think they might have been in male sizes (yes they even sell shoes for men). You can also pick up a copy of En Brogue by Hannah Rochell that has some great pictures and illustrations of a whole variety of shoe styles. Not to forget their shoe horns that I think have actual horns on, which I love the look of.

Go over to their website and check out their full range . And if you are in Leicester go and check out their store to see the shoes in person and of course stop for a nice hot drink and a slice of cake.


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