Monday, 8 February 2016

Life Update

Today I thought it would be quite nice on posting a short but sweet update on what is going on in my life right now. Nothing too exciting but a little something.
As I said nothing very exciting has been happening in my little life right now but I just thought it would be nice to let you lot know how I am getting on right now. It is quite obvious over on here now that I suffer from BPD and it makes my life a little tough sometimes so that's why I haven't posted too much again recently but I really have been trying to get better at posting a bit more.

Things I have been enjoying recently are cross stitching and trying to be a little more creative again. Being creative helps me think and quite often just helps me forget about my surroundings when times are getting a little hard. I really cannot wait to finish off my creative and get onto the next project.

Josh and I have been getting back into DIY and really trying to make our flat lovely and cosy. Having nice surroundings help me with my mental health a lot, when things get messy it really does effect my mood. So this weekend we were on a mission to paint our bedroom. We have been in here 6 months with an unfinished bedroom. Now it is a nice shade of grey, the walls are ready for pretty pictures to be hung up. Hopefully this will make up keep up with the cleaning in there now.
Over the past few weeks I haven't really been wearing a lot of makeup due to being quite low and not really going out and about too much, and when I do I just cannot be bothered. However this doesn't mean I have lost my love for make-up as I still browse the internet and wonder around the make-up sections in shops. Also I have changed my hair yet again, if you follow me on instagram then you would know I recently had pink hair over Christmas, and if you know me personally you know I get bored extremely easily. So I dyed it "black" but the black was made up of greens and blues so now my hair is green. Some people may be horrified by this, but I love to have my hair a little out of the ordinary. 
To sum things up, I have been trying to learn new methods to help with my state of mind and quality of life. I have even tried to dabble in yoga here and there and I quite like it. And even though I haven't been extremely adventurous I am quite content right now. I will still have plenty more downs to come but I can pull my way through it and get on with things. 
If you are struggling with mental health issues then please don't think you are alone and please do seek some help. It is a tough road but you will find some support to get yourself through it.


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