Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fake Bold Metals Brush Collection - Review

It is now common knowledge that rose gold is in right now. So it is no surprise that we are seeing it on EVERYTHING! That includes items within the make-up world, people are lusting after items that sit pretty on their vanity table as well as being useful. If you do love makeup, then you should know about Real Techniques and their Bold Metals collection and you will also know how pricey they are.

If you read my blog then you it is apparent that I love a bargain and a good dupe for the more luxury items to do with makeup. Also I am a great lover of the rose gold trend, so I could not say no to these brushes. Yes I know there are only two brushes that are rose gold but my goodness silver and gold looks so much better next to rose gold.
Let's not avoid how great Real Techniques is, as I am a fan and do own some of their products. However I cannot justify around £30 per brush, but if you can then go ahead and buy the real ones and it is great to support actual brands. On the other hand it is also great to find an amazing dupe! Buying actual make-up off of ebay that is quite clearly fake is a no go, but brushes are fine. Also the price in turn is a big difference. I got all seven brushes for £14.99 off of amazon. You can get them a lot cheaper for around £5 if you order then from china, but I just wanted them quickly so I got them from Amazon Prime. I also need to tell you how damn soft these brushes actually are, I have felt the real ones and they feel just as soft.

There are seven brushes in this set that you could do a whole face of make-up with. Here are all of them, however I am no expert with make-up so I wouldn't be able to say exactly what each brush is used for. I normally just play around and use brushes for whatever I feel comfortable using it for. I shall suggest some uses for them though.


Foundation/Setting under eye powder.



Eye shadow/Concealer.

Eye Brow/Eye liner.

Concealer/Eye shadow blending.

I really enjoy these brushes and sometimes just like to feel them. They also look great on my vanity table, I might just need to add some more rose gold bits to match.
Let me know if you have also tried these brushes or have any other suggestions on brush dupes?



  1. I've tried MUR ones. I like the powder one and the Blush one that I actually use for contour. I wasn't too impressed with the rest of them especially the contour one as it's too dense for my liking. Great post hun x x


    1. thanks so much! I haven't used these yet as i wanted to post pictures first but i know i will love them. cant wait to use to little brow one and use my highlighter with one! xx

  2. These brushes are so gorgeous. So about having brushes that could just be used for decoration too hahaha xx

  3. Lovely review! They look so cute too haha!
    -Morgs x

  4. They're so pretty! I do love a good makeup brush collection!


  5. these brushes look so pretty thanx for sharing ..rose gold definately looks amazing .


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