Monday, 21 December 2015

Illamasqua Growl Lipstick Review

If you are into makeup just like I am then you probably already know about the brand Illamasqua and all the hype about their products. You would probably also know about the beauty bargains you can find in TKMaxx. It is pot luck if you manage to find a high end product in there that hasn't been swatches, poked or smashed, let's just say I was one of the lucky ones this time round.
I just went in for a casual browse in the makeup isle in my local TKMaxx when I noticed some Illamasqua bits and bobs, most of them were the nail polishes which I was not bothered about due to buying one months before and it really wasn't worth the hype... Then I spotted what looked like a lipstick box, and I was not wrong. So I opened it up to check what colour was inside and if it had been damaged. Nope, it wasn't ruined by some selfish idiot, it was untouched. Happy days! Also the colour was just the sort of colour I just love, dark.
 What a perfect looking untouched lipstick at such a steal price. Now these retail at £19.50 direct from but remember I did get this from TKMaxx so the price tag was much lower than that. I only paid £5.99 for this lipstick. I did not hesitate at all, I took it straight to the till to snap it up. I was not letting this great deal slip through my fingers. 
This is a picture without a filter so you can see the colour on my lips. It is a matte finish and a little drying but you have to expect that with a matte lipstick I guess. This colour and finish is just perfect for me, I love dark lips and I hate glossy finishes. However it isn't the most perfect lipstick considering it is a high end brand that is worth just under £20. The first time I ever wore it I had to top it up at least three times throughout the day so I recommend taking it out with you and not leaving at home and regretting it later on. I did give it another go just the other day and I only topped it up once, so I could of been what I ate or drank in the day or I just applied it differently this time. Also I would say to exfoliate your lips and make sure they aren't chapped because you will be able to notice it. Overall I love this lipstick and it goes great with a basic look or a more glam look. I do recommend this but just be aware of these few points to save disappointment. 
This is the look I went for with this lipstick, but watch out for more looks featuring this product over on my Instagram @horrieble.

I do hope you have found this post useful or helped you become inspired to try out and new makeup look this Christmas.



  1. Growl looks so good on you! I'm yet to find any Illamasqua products in my local TK Maxx other than nail varnishes.Their makeup deals are amazing haha!

  2. £5.99 what a bargain!! I love a dark matte lip.

    Emma Inks


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