Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Feeling Festive

It has really taken me a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year, it may be because we are now in a new home and things still aren't quite finished here or it could be that there has been a lot of stress in my life as of late. Whatever the reason I just wasn't feeling quite as festive as other people seem to of been.
Fear not though as I have started to get into the swing of it a bit more than I was, I wouldn't say I was bursting with Christmas joy but I guess I am on the right track now to be. We still haven't done all of the Christmas shopping as I just simply do not know what to buy for people this year, I am stuck in a rut with that one but yet again we are getting there, slowly but surely...even know we cannot be slow with just days to go till the big day. 

So just the other day a dear family friend came to pick me up and take me on a day out, of course I jumped at the chance to get myself out of the flat! However we hadn't actually go ourselves a plan yet, so we look around a local vintage furniture shop but it really did not take long to look around at all but it had some great ideas for future furniture projects for ourselves. After contemplating what do to and where to go we decided to go to a local garden center called Rowena in Rothley that sold a variety of different things from homeware to plants and even arts and crafts. We did set out to hopefully get some Christmas presents for our family members...but that didn't happen at all, we just brought ourselves things...oops. I did buy myself a lovely tree decoration though which is a good thing and some wrapping paper for the presents we still have yet to buy. 
We also treated ourselves to a cup of coffee with a scon but I was to eager to remember to snap a picture. Here are some of the pictures I did manage to capture whilst out and about there though.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you have a magical time.



  1. Welcome back Hollie! Rowena is literally just down the road from where I live, glad you had a lovely day and Christmas will come together, you'll see.

    1. I have almost finished my christmas shopping now and I have got loads of wrapping done. It is just a crazy time of year! xx

  2. Welcome back Hollie!! Those tree decorations are beautiful!!


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