Friday, 13 November 2015

Bru Coffee

Recently I attended a coffee shop in Leicester called Bru with some friends. I ordered myself a hot chocolate as I was really in the mood for one due to the colder weather and just wanting to be cosy. However there was just something not quite right about my hot chocolate, the taste just wasn't how you would expect it to be and it left me so thirsty and disappointed. I left without saying a thing because I am a little British to say something unless I was really outraged about something.
A week or so went on and then I was on Instagram and I then noticed that Bru had posted a picture of a similar hot chocolate to what I had ordered that day. I thought I should really say something about my disappointment, so I did.  All I posted was a short comment saying something like "I had a hot chocolate recently and I was so dissapointed" there may of even been a sad emoji in there too. Bru was fast to reply to me in the private messages via Instagram and they really wanted to get this issue resolved. They asked for my e-mail address so we could talk further into the problem I have had. Through exchanging a few e-mails the owner invited me and a friend to come and try another hot chocolate free of charge. The team at Bru seemed to of found out what the problem was with their chocolaty brew and really wanted to change my opinion. As I told the owner I was also a blogger and I would like to post about the next time I visited to get my complementary drinks, he welcomed that very much. So we organised for my Mum and I to go back to Bru and try out their fixed recipe. We met with the owner Hamza, he was very welcoming and told us all about his passion for his coffee shop. He really valued the feedback I had given even though it was negative, because it gave him and his team to improve said issue. He gave us both a espresso sized cup of hot chocolate and yes it was so much better than the first cup I had tried.  Hamza was very pleased to know that I was a happy now a happy customer. However his kindness didn't end there, he offered us both a hot drink of our choice. I chose a spiced latte and my Mum chose a caramel latte. They both tasted and smelt so good!

Again the kindness didn't stop their either, as I had mentioned to him that I had never tried sweet waffles only the potato kind, he kindly gave me one to try. I got the chocolate and hazelnut waffle topped with chocolate ice cream and sprinkles of chocolate drops and chopped hazelnut. The waffle itself also had cinnamon inside, which I absolutely loved! Hamza then offered us to try their new rasberry frangipane, I am not usually one for a fruity dessert but this was so good.

 All in all everything we got to try was great quality and full of flavor. Personally I would go here again and would defiantly recommend it to anybody. The cafe itself is a lovely cosy but modern place. It is a great place for a business meeting, a catch up with friends or even just to sit by yourself getting some work done on your laptop. They also offer sandwiches, gelato, sorbet, cakes, pastry's, and a variety of herbal teas which you get in a clear tea pot to watch it all infuse together.
So why not go ahead and check this place out for yourself, they are located on Granby Street, Leicester. You can view their menu via their website at and you can also find them on all social media platforms just by searching their name.

Hollie Rose


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