Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bloggers Cosy Club Meet

My life has been so up in the air and I have had no time to blog or go to blogging events and meet ups. So finally my friend Laura over at organised a meet up that I could actually attend. Just the boost I needed to get back into the swing of blogging again too!
Firstly let me just say I am sorry that this post won't have many pictures. The reason for this is that I only had my phone with me on this day due to being in the city all day with my Mum before I met all of the girls, and I did not want to lug around a big camera with me with the chance of getting it broken...yes I am clumsy. However there are a lovely photographer from ZigZag Photography snapping away some pictures of the evening., so I will insert a few of those too.
As the title only says  Cosy Club we didn't just go to there, Laura had some wonderful surprised up her sleeve. If you don't know what the Cosy Club is then you are probably not from Leicester or maybe you just don't go out that much in the city. Cosy Club is a shabby chic resturant and bar, they are open all day for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake or a lovely lunch with friends. They then stay open till night time for you to have a delicious dinner and a cocktail. No matter the time of day this place is truely a pleasure to your eyeballs! Personally I love the shabby chic and rustic looks so this place really excites me. However it is not all about the aesthetics, they so have some great things on their menu. 
Before I go into too much detail all about Cosy Club I shall tell you more about our night. So we all met outside of Cosy Club and all very excited to get some food in our tummy's, but like I said Laura had a surprise. Laura revealed our first (yes there is more than one) surprise, we were going just a few doors down to the very stylish Danique hair salon. Obviously we were all so curious and so damn excited for what they have in store for us all. We were greeted by the owner Keri with big smiles and warm welcomes. There were seats all set out for us and our curiosity grew. Once we were all seated we were offered some sort of peach alcoholic drink (I don't know much about cocktails). Then we were told we were in for a masterclass on how to style hair easy and fast but with a high fashion finish to impress. Then it got interesting for me! Keri asked if anybody would like to have their hair done, and for some strange reason I did not even hesitate and said "I don't mind having mine done". This isn't what I normally would do, I would normally just sit there and not say a thing and then later regret that I missed out on a great opportunity.
There I am in front of everybody having my hair done by a very talented stylist. Keri also works alongside some great brands like Label-M on London Fashion Week so I did feel super special.
Here is the finished look. I was so happy with this look as I have just recently had my hair cut into a bob and wasn't quite sure how to style it just yet. So thank you very much to Keri for giving me some tips and showing me how my hair will look all curled.
We were all super lucky to also receive a goodie bag from Danique of some products from Label-M and a complementary cut and finish or a 25 minute appointment to have your hair styled with some great advice, tips and tricks. Personally I am going to have the cut and finish, even though I have just had my hair chopped I feel I need a little more "zazz" to it. 

So then we finally head over to Cosy Club to get some grub. I would also just like to add that Sam Bailey (xfactor winner) was also there, however none of us plucked up the courage to get a selfie with her. Then we all sat down in our seats where Laura had so kindly gave us all another goodie bag that she had handmade herself! My one was made out of a HE-MAN duvet cover that she managed to find in a thift shop whilst in California, so I absolutely love it! Cosy Club were so terribly kind to us that they gave us a bottle of Champagne to share, however I don't drink due to my BPD and the meds I take, but I did drink it so I wasn't left out or rude to leave it, sadly this ended up making me feel very anxious and slightly emotional. It is safe to say I really don't like drinking anymore. We all ordered our dinners and I had mac and cheese with spinach, mushrooms and truffles. I have a weakness for cheese and this did not let me down, it was delicious. The other girls all seemed to really like their dinners too.

Cosy Club done! If you remember though I did mention that were was more than just one surprise for us all. Next we went over the road to a place called MEATCURE for some desserts. Not the usual dessert though, we milkshakes. Well for most of the girls they had a hard shake, which was milkshake with a bit of a tipple inside. As I said I can't be drinking so I went for a lovely creamy peanut butter milkshake. It was a total winner for me and a great way to end the evening. 

photo credit - Steph
I would like to thank Laura for organizing such a lovely evening for us all and the goodie bags. Danique for giving us a master class, doing my hair and for the goodie bag.
Meatcure for kindly letting us have milkshakes.
ZigZag photography for photographing our evening and letting us use the pictures.
Also to all of the girls that came and had a great time.

Hollie Rose 


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  1. Great post Hollie. Look forward to seeing you again soon!


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