Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What is in the box? GIORGIO ARMANI

Today I received a parcel that I did not realise I was going to be getting. Obviously I was super excited to get a box of something that I had no idea of what was waiting for me inside.
So I opened up the plastic bag and then contained a plain cardboard box, still so unaware of it's contents.
I then didn't take me long to get that plain box open to then discover this beautiful box with the name GIORGIO ARMANI slap bang in the middle, also tied with a cute black bow. Yet still I have no clue, I hadn't brought anything, especially anything ARMANI! Finally the treasures were there right in front of me, three more boxes that were pretty obviously fragrances. However I am still wondering, how, what, why? Turns out a website I signed up for called Klout had sent me these as I had been rewarded a perk from them.
Klout is a website where you connect your social media all on to their site and you get scored by your activity. You can also be an "expert" in certain categories that you post about via your different social media platforms. Anybody can join up and see what your score is and if you are lucky then you can get perks too!

So let's get back to these beautiful fragrances I was gifted. There is a eau de parfum intense, eau de parfum and a eau de toilette. They are from the range Si and it's slogan is 
"Say 'si' to elegance
Say 'si' to risk
Say 'si' to playfulness
Say 'si' to be remembered".
I can confirm that all these words really do describe their scents well. Every single one is a very pretty sweet feminine smell. I personally love sweet smells like Flower Bomb and Prada Candy, so if you also like those you will fall in love with each one of these. Also let's so appreciate how beautiful the packaging and the bottles themselves are.  

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Liquer de Cassis
Heart Notes: Rose de Mai Absolute, Neroli Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute
Base Notes: Patchouli Oil, Blond Woods, Amber, Orcanox™, Vanille Absolute

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Bergamote Essence, Cassis Neo Jungle , Mandarine Essence, Accord Freesia
Heart Notes: Rose de Mai Superessence, Fleur d‘Oranger Absolue, Davana Essence, Osmanthus Absolue
Base Notes: Fir Balsam Absolue, Benjoin Résinoïde, Patchouli Essence, Orcano, Vanille Abs. & Pure J.Essence

Fragrance Notes
Top Notes: Blackcurrant Sorbet, Mandarin & Pear
Heart Notes: Rose De Mai Essence & Freesia
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla & Patchouli

My personal thoughts could not be better, I have completely fell in love with all of them and will wear them all of the time from now on. I would also like to that Klout and Giorgio Armani for sending me these, I was never expecting such a generous gift and you made my day and will now be changing the way I smell! So from now on if you meet me I am pretty sure I will be smelling of either one of these. I strongly recommend going to your local boots to dry them out and let me know what you think. You can also buy them directly from

Thank you for reading.



  1. Looks nice!

    Sparkle & Shine/

  2. Oh this looks like the kinda package I'd love to receive! They look so luxurious and I bet they smell amazing :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

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