Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I can do nails!

Some people do not realise a hidden talent and qualification I have. I am a fully qualified Nail technician at NVQ Level 2.
Nails were my passion for long that I decided to go learn about it more.
 I attended a local beauty college and passed in one year. This means I can do acrylics, gels, manicures, pedicures and all of the fun bits in between. After I had finished college I kind of stopped doing nails, the college sort of stopped my passion for nails and I would only dabble into it every so often. However my passion is growing again and I would like to showcase some of my nail art over on here to show everybody what I can do. I won't say I am perfect and I do have room for improvement in some areas, but I am proud of what I have created so far and would love to just get better at what I do. So without further a do here are some pictures of nails I have created, either on myself, friends, nail wheels or stick ons.

I have so many great ideas for some nails to create. Let me know if you would like to see some sort of tutorials or just any questions you might have. Today I will go and have a play with my nail kit and will post my creations first over on my instagram @hollieroseblog
See you soon.



  1. You are very talented! The bloody themed one looks perfect for halloween x
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. I may do a picture tutorial on those ones tomorrow x

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  2. These are so incredible, you're very talented :) I love the blood ones

    Lillies and Lipbalm


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