Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Almost There

As you would of seen in my last blog post I am moving home. This of course has stopped me from blogging so frequently and I miss it so bad! It's not all doom and gloom though
as when we are settled in I will be trying my hardest to write more and attend more amazing blogger events. I will also be trying to really get me and my style more on the blog, be really true to myself and show you more awesome things I am interested in and not play it safe and stick with the norm.
There are still quite a few things that need to be done in both flats but it is all coming together and the new flat will be super pretty. I am sad to say goodbye to my old flat as I have lived there for so damn long! However this move will be so good for Josh and I as we will get to do some many amazing things and both really get into our hobbies and hopefully make something wonderful out of them.
I already have some great ideas for posts and lining up more photography with some great friends of mine too.
I am very happy and really looking forward to the many wonderful things to come our way. The future is looking pretty damn amazing right now.



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  1. It's all happening! Welcome to your shiny new future, it all sounds fab. I look forward to reading what comes next.
    Extreme Housewifery


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