Monday, 3 August 2015

Lush Haul

I am a self confessed Lushie. I love trying out new Lush products from all of their ranges.
However I don't post much about the items I buy because I get so damn excited to use them that I don't even think to take a quick snap of it before I use it.
Today though I am showing you four goodies from my latest Lush haul. Two items were gifted to me by an old friend of mine who now is lucky enough to work at my local lush store. One of the items she gave to me was a Christmas exclusive so I am very happy to be able to finally try it after I never got to chance to at Christmas time. Now let's get on with showing you what I got.

First off I have the Melting Marshmallow Moment which is a bath melt. This lovely pink melt will turn your bath milky and is it a real treat to your nose too. It smells so sweet that I could just take a bite right out of this! Also it is so soft on your skin that it will even help cuts and grazes, even irritated skin. So it is a treat all round! 

I brought this one for my boyfriend Josh and it is called Big Blue. This bath bomb contains real bits of sea weed which was visually very pleasing. This smell reminded me of the seaside which is always happy memories. The colour of the bath turned blue too, I personally love a colourful bath. Josh was very pleased with this one. Approved by male and females. 

If you haven't yet had one of the Charity Pots then go get one right now! I love these as they are a moistriser for you hands and body. I always have the small £1 pots dotted around for whenever is just need a little cream if I have a problem area. These big pots are also great, I sometimes use this for my face as it is super soft and kind to the skin, smells great too! When purchasing a charity pot, 100% of the funds go to the charity that is either on the pot or to one of the charity's lush works with. Everybody is a winner with this product.

This one is the Christmas exclusive is was lucky enough to get my hands on. It is called Drummers Drumming and it is a reusable bubble bar. So you place it under running water and you can even swirl it around your bath water too, once you have got the bubbles you want, just pop it back on the side for your next use! The bells also work so they are fun to play with too. I love the pink and yellow together and this also smells so great, but let's face it, all Lush products smell great! Sadly you cannot buy this anymore, but hopefully they will come back out again this Christmas as they were extremely popular last year.

More Lush goodies will be coming up on my blog soon, so watch out for them!



  1. Bet you're all smelling lovely now!

  2. Great haul! I love Big Blue!

    Lauren x |


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