Saturday, 18 July 2015

Two days of two Hollie's

As you may of noticed, i've not been the most active blogger just recently. I am sorry for this but it was all because I was feeling a bit down again with my BPD. However, do not worry as I am back and have two other posts all ready to get up!

Being quite low I have needed my family and friends to cheer me up quite a bit. Knowing I can always find a friendly chat and a chilled hang out with my friend Hollie. Yes two Hollies!
Yesterday after popping into town with my Mum I got a message from Hollie asking if I would like to go for a walk with her and her little puganese called Eli. Of course I jumped at the chance to spend some time with them both.
Of we went to a big local park where there is plenty of space for Eli to investigate. He was always excited to see another dog and wanted to play with each one of them. I am such an animal lover and whenever I interact with one it feels me up with such joy. He really is a beautiful dog and amazing to be around. Also he is great at cuddles and kisses.

Now let's move on to what we did today. Saturdays can be pretty boring normally for me when Josh works and I am left to keep myself entertained, but Hollie came to the rescue yet again. Sadly no Eli today though, as he wouldn't be able to come into all the shops that us humans needed to go into. I met Hollie at a independent shop in Leicester called The Very Bazaar, it's a lovely little shop full of jewelry, incense sticks, beautiful rocks and so many fair trade goods. It always smells so good in there and it has the most relaxing music playing too. Hollie brought two beautiful pillow cases that were in the sale and I dream of owning most of the rings they have to buy.
We then went to get Hollie some wool as she is very into crafts just like me. One day Hollie is going to teach me how to nit and we are both going to figure out how to crotchet. 
Now we were both feeling rather hungry and in need of something good to eat. We decided to go and try a place called The World Cafe, it is a vegan and vegetarian cafe full of so many tasty things on their menu. I chose Mediterranean roasted veg in a wrap with a side salad, Hollie had the same but on ciabatta. It went down a treat and it only cost us £4 each!

After our food we popped into a few other shops and had a look around. I did go into Marks & Spencers to get me and Josh a lovely Dine in for Two for £10, we are yet to have that later on this evening.
We didn't have much else that we wanted to do so we went to a little space where they were playing music and had a few stalls on for today only. It was very nice to just sit there and chat with some good music on and the sun shining on us.
I have had such a lovely two days spending time with Hollie and I would just like to say to her, Thank you for being a blinking good mate!

I do hope you have enjoyed this type of post, and I am sorry for the lack of pictures taken as I only decided today to blog about it all. Next time there will be plenty more pictures for you to all see what I get up to.


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