Thursday, 2 July 2015


I have expressed my love for photography in many ways before and just lately I am really getting back into it all. There are so many different ideas for up and coming stuff all to do with photography, and of course I will be sharing all of my creations with you guys on here.

Today's pictures are featuring another really close friend of mine that is also a model, vocalist and has his own clothing brand. Yes it is the same brand I have mentioned on Tylah In The Woods as they are together. I will keep you lot updated on the release of all of their clothing coming soon. Also this day wasn't just for me to take pictures of this guy with stretched ears, it was all for my boyfriend Josh and his new up and coming Videography which is looking amazing so far if I do say so myself. He too has got the creative bug and we both want to make beautiful things with our camera.
So let's get on with showing you lot some of the shots I got of Iamwheeler (we just call him Wheeler). I hope you like them!

I can't wait to take more pictures and my beautiful friends.



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