Thursday, 23 July 2015

Feeling a little bored of blogging...

Just lately I haven't really been blogging much or getting involved into anything blogging related. This does sadden me as I had such a love for it and something has just changed.
Now I do suffer from mental health issues and it could well be all down to that, which really breaks my head as it takes away all the things I enjoy doing. However I do also feel quite bored with how and where my blog is going. I know I have to work hard on my blog to get stuff back from it, but having mental health and other issues going on it is so hard to find the motivation to just write on here. I have taken pictures for two blog posts I can do, but even just getting the pictures on to the laptop seems like such hard work to me right now.
I guess I would like to somehow really show you guys who I really am and show you all of the things I am interested in, but where do I start?
Maybe I am just playing it too safe with my blog and I need a bit more adventure into it all. When I started out I really wanted to post about so many different things and I seem to of just kept with a few topics. I used to be passionate about doing nails and from that I managed to get myself a level 2 qualification in Nail Services, but I haven't even show you all the stuff I have created with nails.
I guess all I am trying to say is I want my blog to get more personal and be more interesting and not hide within the crowd and stand out a little more.
There are other ideas in mind with what I want to do, like really trying to start making some YouTube videos. I have made a few in the past, but they were nothing amazing. My confidence is a big thing stopping me from just jumping in front of my camera and chatting away, however I have been using periscope just lately to try get me talking to the camera. 
Sorry for a little bit of a sad post but I just felt like I needed to write about my feelings toward blogging right now. I want to get back into everything but I can just be so hard for me when I am so drained most of the time from having BPD.
Talk soon!



  1. do what makes you happy. if taking a break would help, do it! blogging should be fun, not a chore.. sending you warm thoughts :)


  2. I find it goes in waves where I am super enthusiastic and then I don't post at all because I would rather be out there living it rather than sitting on the couch talking about living! I hate when people get all prescriptive about how much you should post, and when, and what about... It's your blog, and at the end of the day you've got to be happy with it.

    It's great to hear people being more open about mental health issues though. I think the blogging community is vital in making it easier to talk about these problems and hopefully you'll find some support from us all. We're all here for each other and I think the written word can be a great medium for getting it all out. One day at a time. x


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