Tuesday, 23 June 2015


If you are not from the UK or just have never got the chance to visit Skegness then I think it could be on your bucket list to check it out at least once...it's an experience. Ok so I can't say it is the best place to have a proper British holiday, however its two hours away from where I live so it's not so bad for a day out the the beach and the infamous arcades. 
Personally I have not seen the sea side for quite sometime and I was actually so excited for this day trip to happen. I went with my boyfriend and three of our closet friends; Tylah, Wheeler and Scott. As Tylah is the only one out of us lot to drive and have a car, she was our driver for the day...as usual.
At Skegness there are alot of shops that sell your bucket and spades, souvenirs to take home for the family and let's not forget a good old stick of rock! You will also find ALOT of amusements that you can play of the 2p machines (my favorites), a variety of simulation games, bingo that is everybody's guilty pleasure and any other games in between.
We cannot forget that you can get a good old traditional fish and chips by the sea too. However we went to a themed cafe just down the road from the beach, I did take some pictures while we was in there but the place does not deserve good exposure, the food was not great and after we had finished and walking out of the door the staff laughed at every single one of us...after we have just been friendly paying customers. All because we are into body modifications, tattoos and wear a lot of black clothing.
All of use joined together to have a really fun filled game of crazy golf. Everybody loves crazy golf. None of us were amazing at it but that is what brings out all of the laughter. We did hold up a family behind us that started way after we did though..oops! 
As it is Britain we were not so surprised that we got rained on and had to sit in the car until it was all over.
When the rain finally stopped we went back over to one of the amusements for some more fun, this time we won some tickets. You don't get much for under 100 tickets so I just got my niece a princess crown.  
After all these fun things for us to do, I was just excited to go down to the sea front as it had been so long. I was the only one to take off my socks and shoes and feel the sea and sand beneath my feet. Was such a lovely and relaxing feeling.
After breathing is the fresh sea air and collecting some shells with Josh we headed back to the car for the ride home. 
Safe to say we were all so exhausted after such a long busy day out.

Sorry I didn't take tones of pictures on this day, but I ended up putting the camera away to enjoy more of the day. 
Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I got up to at the weekend. Did you do anything fun?


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