Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rediscovered Pictures

Recently I have managed to get my old laptop back up and running...well almost running. I hadn't been on this laptop for almost 3 years, due to buying my new and working one. This old one really had seen better days, now it is 7 years old! I got it when I have just about moved into my flat and I was feeling quite lonely here at night and needed people to talk to and play games. As you all well know I love a bargain, always have done and always will do, so it won't surprise you that I got said laptop at a bargain. Many moons ago Carphone Warehouse used to just hand out free laptops, xbox 360s and Playstations with certain offers. As a laptop will need the internet, I needed to buy a dongle. So I got myself a dongle on the network 3, and of course I got the free laptop with it! Two brids one stone and all that. We can all agree that 3 wasn't the best network back then for signal, so I did have to sit in odd places for it to just about get 1 bar, two if I was really lucky!
However I did use this laptop to store ALOT of pictures over the years too. I had to sort through so many albums, to find there were more albums inside them. Also I had managed to save stuff in the oddest of places as well. After deleted goodness knows how many Gigabyte of pictures and videos, I had managed to condense it all down to a more reasonable amount of storage to fit onto a SD card.
So now I am able to access them over on the laptop I always use, I can now share of of the Golden Oldies with you lovely lot!
The pictures won't be in any particular order and I will state who the other people in the pictures are with their consent. 

 My lovely Mother.

 Ashleigh, a good friend.

 Little me, my Nanna Rose and my Aunty Sheila 

 That wonderful Mother of mine again

 My cute little brother Sam

 My silliest friend Chloe.

 Haylie, Fran and I.
 My old group of friends from school.

Charlie, a great old friend of mine.

I clearly love my mom.

Georgina, one of my best ladies.

Little Sam again.

My love kitty cat Buzz, she is missed greatly.

Amy, my bestest friend back in the day.

Amy again, everybody use to have their pictures taken with this.

Have you enjoyed looking at some old snaps of me and some friends and family? These pictures give me some great memories that I will never forget. I do have alot more pictures from the archives but they are too embarrassing for people to have up on the internet for all of you to see, so I will keep them for my own entertainment. 
Thanks to my friends and family that did agree for these images to get uploaded to my blog.


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