Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Name change

As you may have noticed or seen me saying on my social medias you I have changed my blogs name from Hollie Louise to Hollie rose. I bet you are wondering why?!
Here is the reasons for my name change; Firstly my actual name is Hollie Louise Goodwin if you didn't already know. I have been called by this name for 24 and a half years now, I have just got on with it because it was my name my parents gave to me at birth. However deep down I never really liked the sound of Hollie Louise... So when started up my blog and was wondering what to name it, I thought I would keep is simple and got with my first and middle name. As my blog has grown and I tell people about my blog I always have to say my name and I just never think is has a ring to it, if you know what I mean? This wasn't just on my blog, I feel this in everyday life too. After having my name for all of my life it will be pretty hard to dive right in and change is completely right now.
Now I bet you are still asking yourself, "why change it to rose?" This isn't just because it sounds good and looks better on text, it's much deeper than that. There once was an amazing, beautiful and loving woman in my life. That said woman was my Grandmother that me and my family liked to call Nana. If you haven't guessed it already then you are silly. My Nana's name was Rosalynn but everybody called her Rose. Nana Rose was the best person in the world ever. Sadly she passed when I was around 5 years old, gone but never ever forgotten about.
The picture shown below is me in my Nana Rose's arms when I was a bridesmaid at a family wedding. Also on the picture is Aunty Sheila, she was pretty damn lovely too!

Lastly, I guess I always thought I should of been called Hollie Rose, it sounds a lot me "me" it feels like. I have thought about deed poll but not in lengths about it as it a rather big change for me to just go ahead and do. 

What do you think about the name change? Even if you didn't like it, I won't be changing it as this is me :) 


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