Monday, 1 June 2015

Let's Refresh

It's Monday and the 1st of June already. As it is the start of the week and a start to a brand new month, what better time to start a fresh?
Alot of stuff has been happening in my life over the past month, ups and downs, tears of sadness and of joy. However things are really ready for a change in my life. As you may well already know, I have a mental health illness called BPD, that brings along with it depression and anxiety. Not very happy things to have in your life. You won't know unless you are a close friend or relative of mine that I was coming off of my current medication as we didn't think it was really right for me. Turns out, I kinda do need something to keep my head on the right path. So that is the first new start, new medication for me to try, fingers crossed that this one will hopefully change things for the better. 
Secondly, I want to get fit! Due to said mental health problems I do struggle to find motivation to get up and go. Because of this, I will be taking one step at a time. The first step to this will be health food. Now I must confess my diet is just terrible right now, I will use any excuse for a slice of cake, or make up "Sunday Snack Day" which then turns into "Everday Snack Day". I would't say I am completely "fat" or "over weight" but, I know I should loose weight and get myself healthier. Tonight I will be going to do a food shop, but this one will have a lot more colourful things and not just beige. I am hoping that doing this will then help my minds health as well as my body's health. 
Lastly, I will be blogging more again, but not pushing myself to be the next top blogger. I really do enjoy my blog and it is just a hobby for me. Last month I guess I was trying too hard with blog stuff, I was going to start advertising other bloggers on here. Then realised I had no clue what I was doing or how to even do it all. Stress came flooding down on me with this and other personal problems. So I will be taking a step back from such things within the blog. Don't fear though as I am staying! As always I am happy to work with company's or fellow bloggers on collaborations or other bits and bobs. Just not going to "try too hard" with it all and just relax.
Do you have any recipes or tips on health eating? Or do you have any ways that helped you find the path to controlling your mental health? I would love to hear them all!

I will update you when things have really starting to show a change. Thank you for reading and I hope I can inspire some of you to make a positive change too.


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  1. I watch The Lean Machines on YouTube and they have home workouts. You don't need to get out of the house which should help.. I know I like gyms but I prefer them empty ;)

    Have you tried meditation? It might help along with the medication. A clear mind is such a blessing.



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