Sunday, 31 May 2015

Tylah in the Woods

As you may of noticed, I haven't been very active on here just lately. This is due to illness and having a small break from things. However do not fear, I am back and I will be posting regularly again.
Since I have been away I have been playing on my new camera and learning many new things all to do with photography and editing.
So now not only is blogging my hobby, photography is back into my hobbies list too.
I used to take pictures and really enjoyed it but never had my own camera to get all my creative photography ideas out into the world!
Now as you can see, I am in full force with all my creativity flowing. This will now be a regular thing popping up in the blog as I have already taken quite a lot of beautiful pictures of beautiful people in my life. Along with so many ideas in mind for more to come. 
Follow me on Pinstrest too to see all of my inspiration over on there. I have been extremely active over on there in the past two weeks as I find it very realxing. It also gives me great ideas for the blog too.

This post's pictures are all of the wonderful Tylah. A very close friend of mine and she is also a great published model, this comes in extremely handy for me.
Tylah is so great to photograph as she is great at just getting her model composure on, also being a friend we have a good laugh whilst getting these awesome pictures. Here are some of the pictures we got to creature this weekend in some local woodlands.

I do hope you enjoy these pictures of mine. With this set of images I wanted a vintage feel to make them seem like they had been taken with a old vintage film camera but still with the grungeiness that I personally like.
 Many more will be up soon of other people and of anything else that inspires me.

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