Sunday, 17 May 2015

Two Day Haul

Just last week I ended up doing a bit more shopping that I had intended. However I don't mind as the stuff I got was awesome and I loved each item. So this was two days in a row I had done some shopping. The first day was really not planned, a long stroll turned into a mission to go to Fosse Park in Leicester. That was a nice two hour long walk, least we went the pretty way. The second day was just the usual mooch around the city with my Mother. 

I have had my eyes on this set since Christmas but we never go to an Asda. As we had ended up near an Asda we just had to go and buy them at last!!

You could say that shoes are my biggest weakness, I have grew quite a collection over the years. Plus as my feet are only a UK 4 I sometimes fit in kids shoes, and yes these are kids shoes. I got them much cheaper that way too. Shoes and bargains are two of my favorite things. All round happiness
Again I am a sucker for a bargain. I always love finding great sale items in Topman and Topshop as the prices drop right down. 

Flamingos seem to be everywhere right now for all S/S lines. As always Primark are right on point with a big trend. Nail files, a mini nail kit and PJ bottoms all printed with the pretty pink bird and all at such irresistible prices. 

You either love or hate the selfie stick, personally I love it! However everywhere is so over priced for them. Tiger however are selling them at just £4, how could I not grab one for myself? Already had so much fun with it.

After my boyfriend burnt my floral oven mit i needed a new one. Again Tiger did me well and this fun one was only £2!

Tiger again. They always have the weirdest but funnest little things in there. My boyfriend loves bugs and I have already brought him two others for Christmas, so now there is a collection going on. As for the mini ship in a bottle, I have always wanted one since I was a child so I could not just walk but this item, it was coming home with me.

I can now finally charge my ipod up again without having to use my Hello Kitty docking station. Also I can take this anywhere unlike my docking station.

As always there is something beauty themed in any of my shopping sprees! I was so happy to find both of these foundations on my local market. I have used both of these already and I am loving both. 

Hope you enjoyed all of my purchases from last week.
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