Monday, 4 May 2015

April Faves

I know it is now May but I was a little under the weather at the end of April and wasn't able to get into my blogging shoes, but I am here now and as ready as ever.
Firstly yes the first picture has some beauty products in, however now all will be beauty in this post today. I have got some other faves up my sleeve this month, so lets start!

This month I really got into the brand Makeup Revolution, and I am obsessed. I have been trying all sorts of products from them and they are great dupes for high end brands, and if you didn't guess already this is a dupe for Mac. This foundation is watery but has a lovely matte finish to it and covers all my flaws so so well. Their prices are to die for to as this was just £4.
My poor flat isn't the prettiest or biggest and most of my furniture had been given to me. So when a friend of mine was selling my dream bed I just HAD to grab it with both hands and make my bedroom just that little big prettier. It is an ikea bed and me and my boyfriend had wanted it since we spotted it in a store. I got it for just £30, RRP is £75 so smiles all round for me and my purse! I never knew a bed could make you feel so damn good.

I have said before that I love trying new beauty products, and right now I am loving micellar water. I used to use a cleanser and a toner to get exta makeup off, now I just use this one product. It makes my skin feel so clean and fresh, cream cleansers used to make me skin feel heavy. I will be most definitely rebuying this product.

I am completely late on the band wagon for Game of Thrones, but we all have to start somewhere. It is safe to say I am well and truly a fan now though and there is no going back! 

My regular readers will know my love for beauty bargains from TKmaxx and I went and found another gem in there. Sometimes in there it is hard to get a perfect product that somebody hasn't destroyed or already sampled, so it's even more exciting to find a perfect untouched product. I was extremely happy to find TooFaced in there, and I have always liked their lip plumping products and this is easy to apply, a lovely colour, moisturising  and plumps up my lips in a safe none kylie jenner challege way.

I did say I was loving Makeup Revolution so here are two spring coloured lipsticks. They are so moisturising and so soft on the lips. Also let's just talk about the just £1 per lipstick how could you not buy a couple. I am so in love with the purple one, I did get a few looks whilst wearing it so we all knows it's a great colour with amazing pigments.The pink one is a lovely soft colour on your lips just to add a bit of something to your makeup look.

Yet again I've taken my time to take a trip on the band wagon. But wow Lana is amazing, I have heard her songs and always quite liked her music and her face. However this month I took the time to play her on Spotify and I can't stop listening. Her music chills me out so much it's just lovely for those down days. This album is just point blank amazing.

I hope you have enjoyed my April faves, what has been yours? 


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