Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Onward and Upward

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and really think about what is going on around you. Life isn't always "perfect" and we need to see this to pick ourselves back up and move on from it. 
Today's post is a bit of an update and just a little insight of what is going on in my life right now. So firstly today I booked in to get a tattoo of mine covered up, my best friend Bex Fisher is a tattooist and has been for quite a while now. When she first started out I let her tattoo a robin on my upper left arm, at the time I loved the idea as I am a winter baby and always loved robins. However now that Bex has been doing this for well over a year now she has improved her work so much and now wants to update my arm, and basically get it up to the same standered her work is at now. And trust me her stuff is beautiful. So it is goodbye robin and hello pretty flowers!
Recently I have realised my love for make up, I enjoy discovering new products and watching plently of tutorials on YouTube. Also I discovered how therapeutic applying my make up can be. Just today I have an over whelming slap in the face of anxiety, but I had made plans to go see some friends. So I just started to put on my make up and it really helped me clam right down and I got to go out and see my friends.
Another thing that has happened to me recently is that I have handed in my forms into the council to get myself and my boyfriend a new home together. The flat I am currently living in just isnt for me anymore, I have lived here for a while 7 years now. It is time to move on and start a whole new chapter in my life with my wonderful boyfriend. I am hoping I won't have to wait too long as I am just not happy here anymore, and it doesn't help with my anxiety or depression being here.
The very last thing is that I have really took some time to try and help myself and my mental health to try get to another step into getting in to some sort of recovery. Bare in mind I have suffered for 10 years now with a variety of issues. I am currently on medication for this, and while thinking about everything, I have made the decision to lower my dosage. As I don't feel medication can help me, only talking will. This will be another process to go through with my doctor  and with the help of my mother and my boyfriend. 

On wards and upwards from now on for me.
I hope you can all take a moment for yourself a make a possitve change to something negative in your life. Or maybe just something simple to just put a smile on to that wonderful face of yours.


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