Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Beauty Faves So Far - 2015

So far this year I have gained quite a few products I just love. Here is a selection of my most favorite so far. There is probably more items in my make up bag, but lets save that for another post.

This perfume was a Christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend. I hinted hard to him to buy it for me, so I was over the moon when I unwrapped just what I had asked for. It smells so amazing, very sweet and just the way I like it. Who wouldn't love the price too at just £6 from the good ole Primark. 

After seeing this item in Urban Outfitters and turning away from it, I just couldn't get it off my mind. I just had to go back and get it. It has the scent of lavender inside to really help you drift off at night. Also it is the comfiest thing to sleep in ever. I have tried other sleeping eye masks and the just never seemed to fit, and I've flung them off in the middle of to night. Want to know the price? This was meant to be £12, however Urban Outfitters has had a really good sale on right now and I managed to get the beauty at just £3!!!

Being a self confessed bargain hunter, I tend to scrimp on certain things like shampoo. Previously I was using hair products at around £1. Then one day I wasn't feeling so great so my boyfriend wanted to treat me, so of course if he was paying I would ask for a little more luxury than usual. I am now converted, no more poundshop brand shampoo for me. This stuff smells incredible like liquid sweets in a bottle for your hair. Also it does an amazing job at making my hair feel thick, soft and all round healthy.

After lusting after the Urban Decay Naked pallets but not being about to afford their prices, I needed to find a dupe. So I searched around on blogs and YouTube videos for different recommendations. Then I found out about these amazing pallets, a perfect dupe. These are now my daily shadows and even for the evenings. For now I just have the "In The Buff" and "Lightly Toasted" from the W7 collection, there are two more from this range. Let's not forget the great prices they are at around £5-£7 each, depending on store.

This was another great find of mine from the Urban Outfitters sale. Original price was £15, and yet again I got it for £3, what a saving. The price isn't the only good thing though. It vibrates, then you massage your face in circular motions for a lovely relaxing time. It helps reduce wrinkles and just feels amazing on your skin, also wakes your skin up in the mornings. I do have one bad thing to say though, my battery pack wouldn't close so I am having to use tape to close it, so it's baffling it was originally so expensive. However it is a good tool and I do love to use it.

From time to time I get a very stiff and sore back after a long day out or sleeping in a bad way. This little beauty helps that said problem so well. I am a big lush fan and was so pleased about the massage bar range. This particular one has cinnamon and peppermit essential oils in to heat up those muscles to really relax them. It really helps take away the pain and it smells so good. Plus because it melts onto your skin leaving it oily, it makes your skin super soft.

If you have't heard of Tangle Teezer then where have you been?! It has completely taken the beauty/hair world by storm. I really want my hair lovely and long, but I was just terrible with brushing knots out of my hair, the memories of a child having tangles being tugged out of my hair all come flooding back. However this amazing cleaver thing banishes those tangles and bad memories all away. Leaving me with no problem brushing my hair and leaving it looking soft and tidy. Even my 4 year old niece loves it! 

My skin isn't the best it could be right now, so I took a trip to The Body Shop to ask about their face masks. The lovely lady in there sampled some of this on my hand and I was amazed. The warming sensation from it was close to magical. This is now in my weekly must routine. Really leaves my skin soft and super clean. Can't wait to see more results from this face mask.

I have said it before and I shall say it again, I AM A LUSHIE! Easter is just round the corner, and Lush have done it again with their holiday themes. At least one lush product is in my bathroom, and this year so far I have been trying out more and more bath bombs. I just can't get enough. They relax me so much and leave me and my skin feeling fabulous.


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