Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tea Belly

As I am so very british, and proud too. Tea is one way to my heart and to just bring the family together. Some may say the answer to everything. Many tea could be your answer to just a few of your health problems to boost yourself up. From problems such as tirdness, sickness and everyday stresses just to name a few. This magical cup of hat water and a tea bag could just wash away such issues. 

Lets have a look as some of the teas and their benefits.

Personally I find the scent of this tea so comforting as one of it's main benefits is to help you relax and fall into a lovely calm sleep. Definitely recommend before bed, maybe after a lovely hot bath to really get yourself relaxed. Also because of it's magical way of making you feel so calm it will brush away your anxiety, worries and depression. Let's not forget like most of these teas it will boost up that immune system of yours too!

Green Tea
Most people would of heard of Green Tea somewhere along the line. It is a popular one for all sorts of people across the globe. One thing that makes it so popular is it's wonders of helping you loose weight. However I am not 100% sure if that has been proven, but it does taste nice and makes you feel good. Also there are many varieties of Green Tea and so many different ways to have it. Hot, cold, shots, in smoothies and even within baking. Have a look around the internet for some interesting ideas.

Earl Grey

If you like citrus flavours then this one will suit your taste buds well. Now you may not know about Earl Grey's health benefits, surprisingly this tea will help your oral health. Yes it will help take care of your teeth, it will keep those nasty cavities away, so even more of an excuse to have a slice of cake with this one. You can have this particular hot drink with milk or have it black, the decision of that choice it down to yourself.

 Herbal tea has so many different combinations of flavours. With each flavour will come with it's own health benefits. Such flavours will include; Cinnamon, Berries, lavender, licorice, ginger and jasmine, just to name a few. The variety is endless! 

English Breakfast
Without a doubt this is the most popular drink in Britain. Yes it says breakfast but we have it at all times of the day. It is a must to have milk in this beverage. I personally take is strong with two sugars. Everybody has their own ways of making and drinking this well known drink. I don't know about it's health benefits but I sure know that whenever in a crisis or in need of a little comfort this will always make it better. The most British drink to date. Let's not forget that cheeky biscuit we all love to dunk in our teas as well. I love a custard cream myself. What about you?

I hope you have enjoyed this post. There are a lot more teas out there, but these are the ones I personally enjoy, for their health benefits and even more so for their tastes. Go have a look around the internet for some great ideas on the many things you can make with the different types of teas.

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