Friday, 6 March 2015

Life Update

You may of noticed the lack of posts for a week or so now, firstly I apologise for that. Secondly I have just been concentrating on myself and my well-being. You may not know but I have been living in my current home for 7 whole years now, it's been in talk for over a year now about planning on moving and opening the next chapter in my life. Currently I live in the city center of Leicester but want a change of lifestyle and scenery, so I will be moving to a town not too far away. This isn't all just because I have lived in my flat for almost a decade now, but because I want to live with my boyfriend properly and all for my own well-being. 

I suffer from mental health issues and this place just isn't good for me anymore, I have out grown it and there are many problems within the flat it's self. I need a BIG change and a new start to really start the road to getting over my health problems. Maybe I shall write a post all about my mental health in due time, so keep an eye out for that.
However all of that stuff aside I just want a place to really make my own. I am forever scolling on Pinstrest for DIY and home interior ideas. The urge to get creative with a new place is growing stronger by the day! Also I will be making a blog post all about my dream home ideas as it will need it's very own post.
Just a short post for now as I have so many ideas for more and I just thought you needed a quick update of what's going on with me.

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