Thursday, 19 March 2015

Blogger's Pizza Party

 On Tuesday I got invited to my first ever bloggers event by the lovely fellow blogger Annie Bean. It was all held at the lovely restaurant Peter Pizzeria. You may not of heard of this pizza place before as it is a Leicestershire based eatery. However if you are not local you MUST travel from wherever you are to come and try it out for yourself. If you love a quirky, rustic and independent type place then you will surely love this place. Everywhere you turn in this place there is something eye catching and all sights are a great conversation starter, which is always good when meeting a room of new people.

There wasn't just bloggers at this pizza party, there was some great Leicester based company's attending too, some big names you will of heard of, such as; Dunelm and Zatchel. Also there was some great hair dressers, beauticians and a PR, all such lovely people to get to know.
Whilst we all got chatting away and getting to know each other and learning about everybody else's interests we got to each some amazing food. Served to us first was a board of olives, mozzarella, salsa dressed crusty bread and a variety of meats. Secondly we got to try every single pizza that they have on their menu, this was a real treat to the taste buds. They most certainly saved the best till last, we really got spoilt with a desert too. This was no ordinary desert though, this was a Nutella pizza topper with crushed hazelnuts. I am drooling just at the thought of it again right now. All of this delicious food was washed down with a choice their handmade lemonade or apple, ginger and mint juice. We even got to take away any left overs, so that was a great breakfast for the next day too.

 This night was such a great opportunity for me to meet some wonderful new blogger friends and gain some great contacts too. Thank you again to Annie Bean for the invite and a BIG thank you to Peter Pizzeria for holding the event and giving us a chance to eat all your tasty food. All in all it was a great night and really inspired me to write up more blogs and hopefully attend more events in the future.

If you would like to check out the restaurant for yourself go to their website or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hollie Louise 


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