Saturday, 21 February 2015

Skin Therapy

As I have mentioned before, I like myself a bargain. Who doesn't like getting what they need at an affordable price? Now I am not saying I would refuse some Elizabeth Arden products, I most certainly grab that offer with both hands. However my pockets just aren't that deep. So I like to find my essentials at a much more easy price and at a convenient place for me. I live on my own so I do need to pop into Wilkinsons for all home necessities. As I was browsing all the variety of products they stock, I discovered that they had a range of beauty products all with the joyful price of just 95p! With all the skin care basics every woman needs to wipe away the day of make up, or maybe just a freshen up. These products are now in my everyday routine and they work a treat. They do exactly what they are suppose to, no weird/strong smells, and feel lovely on my skin. So far I have just four of the products in the Skin Therapy range but I will be purchasing more on my next visit to the store. These are the items I use daily.

  Each product I can highly recommend to other super savvy people looking for the basic daily skin care. Also the Norm/Comb Night Moisturiser smells incredible, and leave my skin feeling super soft, I think I could say it is my favorite in the collection.      
 All pictures are links to the products online.

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