Saturday, 21 February 2015

Primark Beauty

Seeing as I needed to get a few basic beauty pieces, the best place to go for me was Primark. It's cheap, good quality and has all the items I was in need of, so it's a win win all round.

After watching some videos on lashes I just needed to try a lash brush for myself for that more fanned out longer look. Every girl wants luscious lashes!
Pretty boring item, but we all need these important tools and surprisingly I realised I didn't own a make-up sharper so this was most definitely a must in my little haul.
Really loving these vintage Vaseline tins. Pretty packaging always sucks me in, also the fact that I did want to aloe vera one as it's always good to have a variety in lip products. Also useful for burns.
It seems like I am the only one that is last to buy a beauty blender. I have watched so many YouTubers use these and for a long time I could't find an affordable replica. However Primark pleased me again and I finally picked one up to try out for myself.
After my hair transformation I knew the time would come to wash my lovely blow dried style out and have to achieve something similar myself. Blow drying my fringe just make it very straight and unflattering. So I have to get the straighners out to make a better shape. Now instead of using two different heat tools, I can now just roll that fringe of mine.
Usually I tend to just use face wipes, cleanser and toner to wash my face with. I thought it was time to try different ways of getting all the extra dirt off. This sounded easy to use and soft for my face as it is a foam. I was not wrong, it felt so light and lovely on my skin and did it's intended job.
This colour was too pleasing to my eyes to walk on buy. Yes it says £1 on the lid but it was a right bargain at just 80p. It was straight in my basket. Love the colour and love the look of the bottle, however the lid was such a pain to get back on and I smudged my nails in the process. These two issues will not stop me from using it again though.

So there is my little primark beauty haul. There are some of the make-up from Primark that I do have my eye on, but I will have to wait till the next pay day for those extra treats.

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