Saturday, 21 February 2015


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Skin Therapy

As I have mentioned before, I like myself a bargain. Who doesn't like getting what they need at an affordable price? Now I am not saying I would refuse some Elizabeth Arden products, I most certainly grab that offer with both hands. However my pockets just aren't that deep. So I like to find my essentials at a much more easy price and at a convenient place for me. I live on my own so I do need to pop into Wilkinsons for all home necessities. As I was browsing all the variety of products they stock, I discovered that they had a range of beauty products all with the joyful price of just 95p! With all the skin care basics every woman needs to wipe away the day of make up, or maybe just a freshen up. These products are now in my everyday routine and they work a treat. They do exactly what they are suppose to, no weird/strong smells, and feel lovely on my skin. So far I have just four of the products in the Skin Therapy range but I will be purchasing more on my next visit to the store. These are the items I use daily.

Primark Beauty

Seeing as I needed to get a few basic beauty pieces, the best place to go for me was Primark. It's cheap, good quality and has all the items I was in need of, so it's a win win all round.


Hairdressers And Shopping


Christmas Treats

I like to be quite creative and I also like being thoughtful with gifts, so why not make a creative gift? As it's Christmas time I am lovely the taste of cinnamon in almost everything right now. In Coffee, hot chocolate, porridge and the odd cinnamon flavored pastry. So i wanted to put this flavor into something else. Of course the best option was to bake some biscuits (/cookies). After looking on Pintrest for some decoration inspiration, the idea was sold to me! I went out and brought some cookie cutters from a shop called Tiger. Then I got myself some lovely icing pens from poundland, and a few sprinkles of course. I will leave the recipe I used under the pictures. Hopefully you will like the look of then and wont be able to resist making some for your family and friends as a last minute treat. Oh and don't forget to leave some for yourself...and for Santa. 1
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